Beware of Meineke Pflugerville


Here is what you can expect if you do business with Meineke

Look at the pictures below. You can read the details here Event History. After reading this if you are outraged and want to help

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Potentially Lethal

"This is a picture of the exhaust just 3/4 inch from my brake manifold. One good bump could break this off and I would loose my brakes.
Meineke knew about this and claimed it had been fixed."

The Performance Issue isn't our Fault

"I took my van directly from a tune-up to Meineke. It was running great, but needed a new catalytic converter.
The van hasn't run correctly since, and Meineke denied their work was the problem.
After taking it to another shop they found that Meineke hadn't replaced the manifold gasket correctly,
had broken a stud off on the heads, and had damaged the spark plug wires.
In the course they also damaged the cylinder heads. Worst of all, though, is that they should have never taken the manifolds off in the first place".

This is the gasket that Meineke put in. Do you think this might have a performance impact?
Is it even the right part? The bolt holes line up but the port holes don't!

Why is it so Noisy?

"On one of my many trips back to Meineke I complained that there was excessive resonance in the cab. I found the exhaust system was laying on the frame!"

The Findings

I had my van towed to a repair shop and this is what they found.