Meineke - Drive a Little Deader

I took my car into Meineke for a 3"" exhaust system that would provide better flow and use all MagnaFlow parts. The results were:

  1. a dangerous system that could have killed me
  2. fraudulently claiming they used MagnaFlow parts when none of the parts were MagnaFlow
  3. a manifold gasket put in backwards that was blocking the exhaust
  4. a broken plug wire (these were brand new installed the day I took it to Meineke)
  5. denying there were any performance problems (like the backwards gasket and plug wire caused)
  6. claiming that all of the parts used were correct parts when one of the parts is only rated for up to a 5.9 Liter engine when mine is a 7.4 liter engine
  7. an exhaust system that lays on my frame
  8. damage to my heads
  9. an exhaust system that is hitting my drive train
  10. a "3 inch" exhaust system that has the flow of a 2 inch system

Meineke denied there were any problems with the exhaust even after I sent them pictures and left the car with them so they could see the problems. I tried to work with them to resolve the problems. When I had no luck working with the Meineke that did the work I called the corporate customer service department. They did not contact me after filling out their online form and making multiple calls to their customer service line. I had to call the president of Meineke to get their customer service department to contact me. When they finally did I found the Meineke approach to customer service is to call the people you are complaining about and telling them they received a complaint - nothing more.

See the facts

For months the Meineke that did the work continued to say there were no problems so I took it to another Meineke. This Meineke confirmed the problems I identified, including the dangerous situation that could have killed me.

This site shows the details of this situation including a history of events, photos, and the emails exchanged during the process. It will also contain all of the legal documents of a court case if that is the next step.
You can see if Meineke is willing to resolve a well documented problem, when they know that

  1. driving the car puts the customer life in danger - I have loss of use of my vehicle until it is fixed
  2. the Meineke that did the work made false claims and presented a fraudulent invoice
  3. Meineke damaged the vehicle and continued to damage it more as they tried to fix the first damage they caused
  4. The Meineke that did all of this denies there is any problem even though another Meineke states there is.
Will Meineke choose to spend a little to fix these problems or would they rather choose to spend months and tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees while continuing to screw the customer. At the same time leaving me without use of my vehicle for months.

If they choose legal you can follow the step-by-step here and see what a company like Meineke will do.
They wouldn't help the customer, saying it was up to the local Meineke.
Will they try to hurt the customer by paying the legal fees of that same Meineke?
Stay tuned to find out.

Does Driving a Little Smarter mean avoiding Meineke?


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Hector Tafoya, Manager
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Chris Brown - Customer Service
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Danny Rivera - President Meineke
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Managing Director
Timothy B. Armstrong
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Neal K. Aronson
Managing Partner
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Stephen D. Aronson
Managing Director and General Counsel
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