The Importance of Managing Off-Shoot Domains

Off-shoot domains are domains similar to or about a company, but not owned by the company. Setup correctly these sites can piggyback on searches for a company name to lead people to their own business, or drive traffic to negative sites about the business. With the growth of social media a web presence can be more important than any other business presence. Only a large TV campaign can have more impact on customer acquisition and retention. A single website can drive thousands of visitors just from a single tweet or newsgroup posting. This can be good or bad, but people on the web seem more interested is the bad. For businesses without a multitude of sites or related sites even a small site can show up high in search engines, even getting on the first search page. Most search engines will place a top level domain above site pages other then on the home page.

A good example of a negative site impact was GoDaddy. A site called was created posting negative information about GoDaddy. With a little help from social media and good SEO the site was soon showing up as a top search engine result. It is estimated that this site cost GoDaddy 100's of thousands of customer dollars. It also had an internal impact on the business as mailto: links on the site allowed people to send emails to people across the business. In some cases these sites have created so many emails to managers and executives that the business had to change all of their email addresses and their web sites.

To combat this it is becoming a standard practice for companies to purchase domains that could be used to distribute negative information. They become proactive and buy sites like,, etc. They also look at domains above their own business and to parent businesses and investment groups.

Proactive management of your web presence had become a critical part of the IT strategy for any business. One component of that is acquiring as many off-shoot domains you can identify and acquire.

The available domains are